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How much do you need to pay?

The price you pay for the childcare facility is not the same everywhere. The additional costs may also differ. Is the price too high for you? Then sometimes a lower price is possible. Read more about the price of the childcare facility.

Income rate or not?

Childcare facility with income rate

Childcare facility without income rate

Please note! Some childcare facilities have places in both price ranges. Do you pay according to your income or not? That depends on the place the childcare facility gives you.

Additional costs in the child care facility

A childcare facility sometimes charges additional costs. For example:

In the childcare facility, sometimes you can be fined. For example:

These additional costs are not the same everywhere.

Would you like more information on the extra costs in a childcare facility? Then read the information sheet of the childcare facility.

Tip: Are you going to enrol your child in a childcare facility? Then ask these questions:

That way you know what to expect when the first invoice is sent to you.

Is the childcare facility too expensive for you?

Maybe the price of the childcare facility is too high for you? Ask the childcare facility if a lower price is possible.

Sometimes you can request a lower price yourself. Who can do that? For example

How do you do that?

Do you have a question?

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