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How do you apply for childcare? How to apply for twins? How do you apply for childcare for children of different ages? You can read that and much more here!

Step 1: Create an account with your email address

You don't own an email address that you use often?

Step 2: Create a list of favourites

You first create a list of favorites. That's a list of all the childcare facilities that fit for you.

Step 3: Start, fill out and send the application

Is your list of favourites ready? Then you can start the application.

Follow the different steps to fill out the application.

Please note! Please fill out everything correctly. Is there incorrect information in your file? Then you may lose your proposal for a place.

Submit your application.

Do you wish to print the application?

Do you look for childcare for multiple children of different ages?

Are you looking for childcare for more than one child? Are they no twins? Then you must apply separately for each child. You choose the same childcare facilities for all your children.

What to do?

Your child already has an enrollment. How do you apply for a new place?

Are you moving soon? Not satisfied with your childcare facility? Do you want to find a new childcare facility? Then apply for a new place for your child.

What to do?

When do you have priority? And how do you prove it?

When do you have priority?

You can read all information on the priority groups here.


How do you prove that you have priority?

In your application, you make a statement of honour. You don’t have to add the proof in your file.

The childcare facility may ask for proof of your knowledge of Dutch when you go to enroll.

Kind en Gezin may ask for proof if you are enrolled in a childcare facility (for example, about your work or education).

Attention! Fill in everything correctly and honestly. Does your application contain incorrect information? Then you may not be able to enroll at the childcare facility after all.


How do you prove that you speak enough Dutch?

You don't have to add proof to your file. However, the childcare facility may ask for the proof when you go to enroll.

Do you speak Dutch fluently but have no proof of your level?


What documents are valid to prove your priority?

The documents you need depend on why you get priority. Valid documents include:

Please note! Fill out everything correctly and honestly. Is there wrong information in your application? Then you may not be able to enroll in the childcare facility after all.

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